Starting my first week on ONL221

I am from South Africa and in this tumultuous time in history, it is a great opportunity to be able to contribute to a course that focus on being connected in a networked environment with fellow learners to share and learn.

ONL221 means a great deal to me as it is important to be connected with other academics about learning and to continue on a learning trajectory to view, hear and see what other colleques are doing internationally and share our ideas. I cannot wait to start the journey.

3 responses to “Starting my first week on ONL221”

  1. I am so looking forward to reading your blogs as you progress through this ONL journey. Have fun!


  2. Lars Harrysson Avatar
    Lars Harrysson

    Well, you are started and have some nice poetic posts from earlier. I look forward to read how you connect that ability to your reflections from the ONL course.


  3. Lars Harrysson Avatar
    Lars Harrysson

    Fantastic, but I really look forward to what will come!! 🙂
    /Lars, the blogcilitator team


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